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Supporting Health Professionals Since 1982

Complete Health Management Solution

Health Assessment Reporting

Our online health, fitness and wellness reporting system enable health professionals to produce personalised health status reports for their clients, in an easy to read format. We also provide a clinician report version.

For health assessment campaigns, data can be aggregated to produce group reports. For larger-scale clients, bespoke data reports can also be produced.

Our system can also provide further individual support via a series of targeted personal e-communications based upon specific individual criteria, health risk and calendar-based assessment recall.

Take a look at our client case studies to see how we can help you. We offer a full utility free trial, no credit card required. We are very happy to discuss needs, please call we love to talk!

Full System Feature List

Professional Testing Solutions

Supporting health professionals to deliver accurate results, Fitech has sourced quality clinical devices for testing cholesterol, diabetes, gout and a range of bio metric scales for assessing muscle, fat, visceral fat and water mass. We are also the only UK supplier if the Blood Pressure and single phase EGC unit.

With professional training options, Fitech can provide everything you require to deliver a high-end health and fitness screening.


If you are establishing a new screening service, Fitech has over 30 years experience in supporting health professionals to conduct both small and very large-scale assessment projects.

In addition our data team and communication can provide complex reporting, notifications and data management solutions.

We keen to support and ensure our clients have the optimal process to ensure fast and accurate reporting. Fitech can provide a complete solution, from design, software, equipment and specialist training.

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