Adding An Exercise Program

Personal Exercise Programs

Once a subject has been added to the system you can create a personalised training program / exercise plan. There is no limit to number of plans that you have for each subject. These plans can be printed and or emailed to the Subject.

The Subject can also access all active plans via their dashboard login.

To Create a Plan:

  1. Load the Subject*
  2. Now Select ‘Exercise Programs’ from the middle tab menu
  3. Now click Add Exercise Program
  4. You will now need to give the plan a name, for example John’s First Gym Workout
  5. Now click Create New button which is at the bottom
  6. Now enter the duration of the program
  7. The following 4 boxes (Objectives, Comments, Warm Up, Cool down) are optional, but if completed will appear on the plan.
  8. Now Click Next.
  9. You will see five exercise group options, to open (and close) them click on the name. To select an exercise click Yes. If you make a mistake click No remove. Open each section to make your picks. When done click Next.
  10. 10. You will now see all your picks in one list. You can re-order them and remove exercise by click on the options on the left. For each exercise you can now enter the training configuration. When done click Finish which is at the bottom.

You will now see the plan (and any others that you have created for the Subject) on the screen. You can Edit, view and if the Subject has a register email address send a copy of the plan to the Subject directly.

* If the Subject is not already on the system you will need to add them. If you do not intended to do any other physiological assessments and just want to create a training plan you will need to first create an assessment template (you only need to do this once) that only has personal details. To do this:

  1. On the top menu bar click on Admin option
  2. Now select Manage Assessment Templates
  3. Click New Template
  4. Call the Assessment Template Title: Exercise Program Only
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Template

You have created a new assessment template call Exercise Program Only. Its function to enable you to add a Subject without having to do any other assessments. To use this template, prior to the instruction above for creating a program, when logged in from the home screen click on New Assessment, then select New Client and then chose Exercise Only Program option.

You will now be able to add the subject. Once the subject is added you can then continue from the section at the top for creating a exercise program.

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