Multiple branding and application separation

It is now possible to subdivide your application for the purpose of access control and branding. This means from a single V6 application are can present multiple report cover brand options and manage which Operators can access and work with specific Subject groups.

As an example, if you are supporting a corporate client it would be possible to include the corporate company branding on the report covers and give them access to their employee health reports for the purpose of follow-up.

This functionality is setup by the Administrator. There are 4 steps;

Important note, all Subjects must be in a group. If you are activating this with Subjects already in on the system the chances are you are doing this for a new client. In this case you should create two groups initially, the first being a default/everyone group so name this after your company. The latter being your new client. Finally, make sure your Operators are not using the application when you set this up.
Step 1, activate the grouping option on your application;

1. Login via

2. Select the settings tab and click ‘Turn On Application Grouping Yes/No’

3. Selected Turn on and click the update button

Step 2, set up your groupings;

1. Select the settings tab and click ‘Manage Application Group Names’

2. Now click the Add Group option

3. Complete the form and click Add group.

Step 3, if you already have Subjects on the system you must assign them to a group;

1. Select the settings tab and click ‘Assign Subjects to Groups’

2. Using the filter options select the Subjects you want to assign. If this is your first group and you are needing to put everyone in the same group click on the Bulk Transfer tab. Then selected Unassigned for source and the new group name for the destination

Step 4, you will now need to give your Operators access to these new groups. Operators can either have access to all groups or specific groups;

1. Select the ‘Manage Admin Staff’ tab

2. For each Operator; to give them access to all groups click on the pencil icon and set the Site Access option to Full Site Access and click update subject at the bottom

3. For each Operator; to assign specific access option click on the pencil icon and set the Site Access option to User Defined Site Access and click update subject at the bottom

4. To assign access to Operators, next to each of your Operators click the cog icon and groups then can have access too. When done click the submit button.

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