Adding User Accounts

User accounts can only be added by a System Administrator.

There are two types of Operator account. The standard Operators can add and amend the assessments. A Super Operator and also add and modify assessments in addition to being able to create and modify assessment templates and review the system audit log.

To add an operator;

  1. Login to the admin portal
  2. Click on Manage > Your Staff
  3. Click on Add New System User
  4. Set level is set either Application Operator or Super Operator (Super Operators' can make configuration changes to assessment templates)
  5. Enter a username, this can be in any format but it must be unique
  6. Enter an email address for the new Operator, this can be a personal email account as later on you can define a corporate email address to send messages from.
  7. Set the Send Email From option
  8. Now complete all the sections with a red star and enter a password this must be at least 12 characters long, using random words and numbers.
  9. When done click Insert User


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