Enabling Self Assessments

Self-assessments Module Subjects can complete self-assessed questionnaires on various topics as part of an assessment campaign or value-added service. The system can distinguish between new Subjects (thus creating a new profile) or existing Subjects by using their email address or alternate reference ID. Duplicates can still happen; we have also included the facility to merge Subjects (see here).

The Self-assessments Module is a campaign based system using a unique web URL for each. You can configure each campaign;

  • Availability - Start and End date
  • Header and footer text
  • What self-assessment(s) can be accessed
  • How often they can re-submit
  • If they can review the report at the end

Each campaign is aligned to a Group; Details on Fitech Groups is here.

Setting up:

Step 1 - Groups
  1. Click on this link and set up Groups; you must have a group set up to enable self-assessment to work.
Step 2 - Creating a Self-assessment campaign.
  1. Login via https://admin.fitechglobal.com
  2. Select the settings tab Click on Self Assessment to turn on the feature
  3. Click on the Self Assessment box to open the Manage Self Assessments page
  4. Click New Assessment
    1. Assessment Title: this is just a reference for you to know what the campaign is about; it cannot be seen by the
    2. Subject Target Group: This is where you select which group they belong to
    3. Display Target Group Name: if set to Yes the name of the group will appear at the top of the Subject submission page
    4. Account Identifier: what to use to decide if the Subject is new or use an existing profile. If you are not sure which to use, set it to email
    5. Start Date: Date from when the campaign is active
    6. End Date: Date to when the campaign is active
    7. Periodicity Days: how many days must elapse between submissions
    8. Status: Must be set to Published to enable access.
    9. Assessment Test: select the assessments you want them to access in the campaign.
    10. Assessment Closed Text: what is seen by users outside of the Start and end date
    11. Header Text: any text, or HMTL, in here will be shown at the top of the page
    12. Footer Text: any text, or HMTL, in here will be shown at the bottom of the page
Step 3 - Advanced URL

It is possible to integrate some user information within the URL to seamless enable integration. At the end of the URL, you can include either the email address or the unique ID. The data must match the campaign setting (email or ID).

The URL structure is: https://sd.fitechglobal.com/self-assessment/sa-default.asp?SaUID={campaign ID}&Ref= This is where you add the extra info

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