Create Corporate Reports

The application has a simple reporting tool that will enable you to produce corporate reports for your clients.

Access to this function is via the administrative portal. No personal health information is shared, all data is aggregated. In addition to a graphical report, you can also add some texted to the report at the end.

Data can be filtered by a number of factors, most clients use date range coupled with configurable fields. These fields are constant settings against a Subject, rather than an outcome or measurements from an assessment. For example, you could have a field called ‘type of employee’ with the options; ‘Day worker’, ‘Night worker’ and ‘Temp’

Report creation process;
  1. Log in as an Administrator to
  2. Select ‘Data Analysis’ from the top menu bar and then chose Group Reporting.
  3. In this section, you may see previous reports that have been created on the application.
  4. Now click Create New Report button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You now need to set your initial criteria, these will enable you to set the conditions against which the report will be generated. Check the box next to each option you wish to use. Then click ‘Next’.
  6. For each option you have selected you will be taken through a series of the screen to set the required conditions for your report. When done click ‘Next’.
  7. For configurable fields you will be presented with a conditions matrix;
    1. In column 1 select the configurable field
    2. Then in column 2 the options will appear for either Equal or are Not Equal to.
    3. Then in column 3, the options for that field will appear for you to select.
  8. If you plan to use more than one configurable field you will need to declare if the next condition must also be a match as well, in which case you select ‘and’ or if the next option is as an alternative in which case you would set this to or. When done click next.
  9. At the end of the filter setting section, you can then decide if the reports cover the first assessment or the most recent. When done click ‘Next’.
  10. You will now see a summary of your filter settings. If you are content with the settings move on and click ‘Next’, otherwise, click ‘Previous’ to adjust your settings.
  11. The next page will tell you how many subjects there will be in the report. If this meets your expectations click ‘Next’ to set the chart options.
  12. On the left-hand column select which sections you would like to include, then on the same line set what type of presentation you would like. When done click ‘Next’.
  13. This is the final section. If you are producing this for a client place their name in the ‘Conducted for’ box. If you what to add some freehand text to the report you must also be selected ‘Click here if you wish to retain this report’, this will give you another box to complete which is for the report name. When done click ‘Next’.
  14. There will then be a short pause whilst the report is built. The report is in a PDF format so you can save it.
Adding free test report narration

In order to use this tool, you must have saved your report as detailed in para 12 above.

  1. Click on Data Analysis > Group Reporting.
  2. Find the report you wish to add text too, then click on the note pad icon to the left of the report name.
  3. Now enter your free text in each section.
  4. When done click ‘Update Custom Text’ at the bottom.

To see and print your report click either PDF (best for printing) or HMTL option to the right of the report name.

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