Merge Subject Records

Duplicate entries for the same person can be merged into a single profile.

Your application is licenced based upon how many Subjects you have stored on it.

Warning: merging records cannot be reversed, assure the records you wish to amalgamate are the same Subjects.



Step 1 - From the Operator home page enter in the subject search box the information that will show all the records that match the Subject records you wish to combine.

Step 2 - On the search results, you will note that there is now a 'head' profile icon top left of each box. Click on that icon to set it as the master record. An options box will appear confirming you have set that profile to be the master.

Step 3 - Now select the other profile you wish to combine. If there is more than one profile you can repeat this process for each. An options box will appear confirming you are about to merge these profiles and that it cannot be reversed. click ok and you are done.

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